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Minutes, 07/06/1898-09/19/1898

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 16

Scope and Contents

From the Collection:

Series I: City Commission Minutes: This series consists of eighty-four volumes of the Proceedings of the City Commission which include meeting minutes and agendas from the Marquette, Michigan City Commission covering the years 1868-1921 and 1950-1993. Also included are unbound City Commission meeting minutes from 1893-1922.

Series II: City Election Materials: This series includes nominating petitions from 1913 through 1960 as well as a marriage license from December 6, 1892, Report of Committee on Purchases, Salaries and Wages, Oaths of Office from 1926 through 1945 and Affidavits dating from 1927 through 1948.

Nomination Petitions 1913-William Fassbender, Joseph F. Neidhart, Edwin J. Sink, A.F. Agnew, Ernest L. Pearce, John VanEvera, John H. Jacobs, Fred S. Case, A. Martin Sweder, Robert Peters, Matthew J. Burke City of Marquette, City Commission minutes MSS-199 - Page 5 1926-William J. O’Meara, G.A. Carlson 1927-Edwin J. Hudson 1928- John Stenglein, Nicholas J. Fezzey, Frank Frei, Myron J. Sherwood, Edward J. Hudson, Ralph Eldredge, William J. Wiseman, Walter T. Hurley, Louise Libby, William Henry, William Jangen, Simon R. Anderson 1929- George D. McCormick, John Lowe 1930- George W. Shaw, John Tierney, Frank Frei, John Stenglein, Fred Price, W.J. Wiseman, Charles F. Button, P.H. Garvin, John Heffernan, M.J. Sherwood, Walter T. Hurley 1931-Tovio A. Aho, G.A. Carlson, Peter J. Schon 1932- Frank Frei, John Stenglein, Ralph Eldredge, Tovio A. Aho, Ferdinand Shippers, George W. Shaw, Charles Dolf, Simon R. Anderson, Joseph Mongrain, Peter J. Schon, William J. Wiseman, Henry V. Riopelle, Myron J. Sherwood 1933- Peter J. Schon, Lee McGinley, Arthur Jacques, William Elliot 1934- W.S. Ewing, Seldeu B. Crary, Frank Frei, John Stenglein, Dennis J. Havclan, H.W. Nebel, Joseph Mongrain, Charles Krieg, Charles E. Dolf, George McCormick, Timothy J. Maney, Edward J. Schmeltzer, Fred J. Schultheis, John J. Blom, Howard R. Stickney, David G. Yeshinsky, George Bayliss, Edward J. Ward, John Heffernan, Patrick Garvin, Horatio E. Patrick 1935- William Janzen, John Tierney, I.A. Bernardi, Peter J. Schon, George Bayliss, Joseph Mongrain, Lee McGinley, John Seigel, Thomas O. Price, William J. Wiseman, Charles E. Dolf, Joseph W. Walton, William Miller, Selden B. Crary, Raymond S. O’Neil, Leo Deasy, Leonard, McKie, Clifford O. Lewis, Peter J. Schon, Royal G. Madden, Charles Nelson, Daniel King, John Stenglein, William Trotochaud 1938- Louis W. Biegler 1944-Howard J. Larson, William J. Wiseman, Leo W. Bruce, Thomas O. Price 1945- John Tierney, Jack C. Messenger, William F. Armstrong, Horatio E. Patrick, George S. Raish City of Marquette, City Commission minutes MSS-199 - Page 6 1949- Victor Tuominen, Oscar R. Larsen, Thomas C. Harmon, George S. Raish, Frank J. Vasseau, William G. Lundquist, Doris J. Griffin, Max P. Allen, Roy B. Huillier, Emil T. Koski 1950-John F. McDonald, William E. Wright, Ernest W. Skog, Victor Tuominen, Anthony V. Hogan, Ora E. Demaray, Charles Beaudry, Hoard J. Larson, Joe Kueber, Bernard L. York, Max P. Allen, Emmett M. Dwyer, L/W Brumm, Gerald E. Paveglio, George S. Raish, Frederick F. St. John, Edward Bernard, Albert Fletcher, Thomas Harmon, Carl A. Lerch, Warren K. Wells, William N. Koski, Francis K. Vasseau, Dennis A. Havican, Roy B. L’Huilier, Thomas Robinson, Bernard McAuliffe, L.B. Frazier, John E. McDonald, Robert Wesley Jenner, Max P. Allen, Lee McGinley, Richard C. Hammerscmidt, Daniel J. Vaughan, Ray B. L’Huillier, Alma A. Richards, Lynn H. Halverson, Edward N. Archambeau, Walter H. Schaefer, Louie R. Messenger, Horatio E. Patrick, Bernard L. York, George D. Tibor, Erick N. Ryoti, John P. Miller Jr., Frank J. Russell Jr., Eskil B. Froling, Earl O. Griffin, Warren Wells 1951- Thomas Harmon, Albert Gauthier, Henry G. Mayhew, L.W. Brumm 1952- Raloh R. Eldredge, Joseph F. Kueber, Edward H. Dembowski, Bernard L. York, Victor Tuominen, Lynn H. Halverson, Emmett M. Dwyer, Albert Gauthier, Howard J. Larson, Dennis A. Havican, George S. Raish, Francis D. LaBonte, Lowell, A. Carlson, Robert H. Lyons, Roy B. L’Huillier 1953-Victor Tuominen, L.W. Brumm, Charles T. Beaudry, Max P. Allen, Thomas C. Harmon, Robert H. Lyons, Eugene J. Lavigne 1944-Lynn H. Halverson, Emmett M. Dwyer, C. Donald Johnson, Howard J. Larson, George LaChapelle, Richard Bur, Dennis A. Havican, Robert H. Lyons, Eugene LaVegne, Dennis Cherrette, Harold W. Alhom, Richard C. Hammerschmidt 1955-Max P. Allen, Victor Tuominen, Charles T. Beaudry, Raymond Pompo, Charles Rose, Ray E. Mulch, Warren K. Wells, Bernard York, James Clark, Richard R. Bur, Kenneth J. Miller 1956-Howard Larson, Martin W. LaBine, Bernard York, Jack Messeng, L.H. Halverson, R.C. Hammerschmidt, William S. Cooley, Harold W. Alholm, Victor Tuominen, Robert D. MacDonald, Robert Lyons, Kenneth J. Miller, Louis F. Riedinger 1957- Edward H. Dembowski, Leonard W. Brumm, Charles T. Beaudry, Richard R. Bur, James W. Clark, Joseph J. Dunham, Francis G. Calhoon, Max P. Allen 1959-Charles T. Beaudry, James R. Smith, John J. O’Neil, Max P. Allen, Richard R. Bur, Clarence E. Magoon, John Dahl City of Marquette, City Commission minutes MSS-199 - Page 7 1960- Bernard York, Howard Larson, Patrick J. Lowny, Elmer K. Carlson, C. Fred Rydholm, Howard B. Morrison, John Dohl, John W. Leadbetter, John K. Hubbard, Robert Malcolm Long, Richard Hammerschmidt, Harold W. Alhom, Donald K. Potvin, Basil J. Buchko, John P. Miller, Steve A.E. Johnson, Victor Tuominen Oaths of Office G.A. Carlson 1926-12-16 Edward J. Hudson 1927-12-15 Edward J. Hudson 1928-12-10 Ralph Eldridge 1928-12-31 John Stenglein 1928-12-31 John Stenglein 1931-01-05 John Stenglein 1932-12-24 John Tierney 1935-12-04 George S. Raish 1945-10-16


  • 07/06/1898-09/19/1898

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From the Collection: 14.6 Cubic Feet (13 volumes, 11 boxes)

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From the Sub-Series: English


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